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SOF Week

May 6-9, 2024

Meet Us at Stand 2515

You're Invited! Dive into Innovation during SOF Week!

Operations Forces (SOF) Week is a convention for the entire SOF Community and provides information about the latest developments and technology to the community. We'll be displaying our Bayonet line of autonomous surf zone crawlers. Bayonet AUGVs are engineered for precision and reliability in the ocean's most challenging environments. We'll also have the RNAV3 diver navigation and autonomy solution created in partnership with STIDD Military.

Representatives will be on hand to discuss our entire SOF portfolio.

Bayonet Surf Zone Crawlers

The only multiple mission seafloor platform for use in the surf zone and near shore.


Bayonet 150

Compact and agile!
The Bayonet 150 is the most compact in the Bayonet series, offering exceptional portability and ease of deployment. Designed to be carried by two persons, this AUGV is ideal for smaller payloads, and lighter weather and surf conditions. 

Bayonet 250

Versatile workhorse!
The Bayonet 250 is the workhorse of the series, striking an optimal balance between size, mobility, logistics, and payload capacity. Its robust design allows it to withstand harsher conditions and carry more extensive payloads than the Bayonet 150. 

Bayonet 350

Heavy duty performer!
The Bayonet 350 is the largest Bayonet vehicle, engineered for the heaviest payloads and the harshest environmental conditions. Its scalable architecture allows the chassis to be customized, making it an ideal choice for missions demanding significant capacity and robust performance. 


Greensea IQ has partnered with STIDD Military to develop and manufacture a state-of-the-art diver navigation platform, RNAV3. The RNAV3 integrates with STIDD’s Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) to provide navigation and control. With the RNAV3, combat divers can offload navigation and vehicle operation to the supervised autonomy of the DPD, providing a safer and more productive mobility system. Adding OM2 (optionally manned) allows for fully unmanned transit to or from predetermined locations for INFIL/EXFIL.

Meet with our Team


Rob Howard

Chief Growth Officer


Paco Santana

VP of Sales & Business Development - Defense


Luis (Lu) Mejia

Senior Solutions Manager